The 2nd Monday of every month.

The Foundations Class is Monday through Wednesday from 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm CST.

Yes at the end of the class you will receive a graded analysis of your agents performance.

Owners may sit in on Day 2. If you wish to attend the full 3 days it will require a seat purchase.

At this time you will have to provide the agent, we provide the training. Here are a few Agencies that we trust if you do not want to go through the vetting process.

No, but it’s highly encouraged. Your agent will not retain 70% of the training within a few weeks, even if she reviews the videos daily.


No. Attending the Rock Star Foundations Course is mandatory. With AID being Advanced Training, the Agent will not be as well versed and will cause a disruption for other Agents.

Unfortunately not. You have 3 weeks to enroll your Agent into IAD’s Phase 1 Course. Otherwise they are required to take the Foundations course again to continue.

No. All payments are in advance and month to month.

Every Monday, Wednesday or Friday for Phase 2. The agent is free to attend any class but classes are limited to 30 per class.

Correct, each class is a first come first serve basis so please prepare to register in advance.

Yes. Every month a new schedule will be sent to your email.

Class enrollment is available 1 week before the class date.

Yes we can set up direct coaching with your staff at an additional cost. Please contact Customer Success for the rates.